If you’ve never bought this before, it’s becoming quite popular now and most grocery stores sell it. You changed my life and make a meal time SUPER easy to me and all of my family. Creamy peanut butter. If you’re going to eat breakfast — make it count. https://kristineskitchenblog.com/cocoa-almond-protein-smoothie Try it with almond butter or our peanut butter powder. In other words, it will be the creamiest and smoothest chocolate smoothie you will ever experience. They were enjoying them so much I didn’t even need to tell them they’re actually good for them! 2 tablespoons almond butter; 2 whole organic apples (any variety), cored and chopped; 2 cups coconut water; 1 tablespoon raw cacao powder; A pinch of sea salt; Directions. . You’re going to have to trust me on that one! Instructions. All of those foods are typically low in protein and fat, and high in sugar and carbohydrates — a perfect storm waiting to spike your blood sugar and have you wanting a snack two hours later. https://nutritiouslife.com/recipes/chocolate-banana-almond-butter-smoothie This Chocolate Almond Butter Smoothie is the closest thing to a healthy version of a frosty, you won't believe it! If you make this recipe and like it, please leave a comment below or tag me @encouragement4today on Instagram or Facebook so I can see your creations! I used dark chocolate cocoa powder. With 20g of protein from grass-fed collagen peptides (I use this chocolate one ), healthy fat from almond butter, fiber from chia seeds, spinach and cauliflower, and antioxidants from cinnamon, this smoothie is a nutrition powerhouse! But I bet you’re wondering what secret veggie is hiding in there. This smoothie is not only packed with protein, but also flavor. How do you talk to your kids about your food philosophy? Instructions Place the bananas (reserve 4 slices to garnish prepared smoothie), almond butter, Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, chia seeds, cocoa powder, and ice in the jar of a blender. Because this almond butter chocolate smoothie has almonds, avocado and just a hint of coconut in the yogurt, you are getting great healthy fats that will help see you through the day. You can use a stick blender for this, but start on low so the ingredients don’t spill over! One brand we like is Lulu’s Chocolate, a fair trade, vegan, soy- and gluten-free brand made with lower-glycemic coconut sugar, but there are plenty of good ones out there. Chocolate and peanut butter what a good combination, and put together in a smoothie – now we’re talking. You can mix up a big batch before the first one leaves and then put the rest of it in the fridge for the others kids to grab when they are ready. Very good my four year old daughter loved it. I make a version similar to your recipe in my vitamix. We have had more discussions around the table about \"real\" food vs processed food or food-like substances, but I am at a loss regarding how to explain these concepts to my 4 year old. I’m sharing these Chocolate Almond Butter Smoothie Bowls and partnering with the Great American Milk Drive.Sadly, milk is scarce in local food pantries. Cart 0. How many servings is this if it's a \"meal\"? Very delicious and super simple! Here's an interesting smoothie recipe to kick the … If there’s one piece of equipment that gets a lot of use in our kitchen it would be our blender, obviously. https://www.yummly.com/recipes/chocolate-almond-milk-smoothie Thanks!! Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: 0 minutes Total time: 5 minutes. And with the chocolate there the spinach taste is subtle. In our case, my son has friends and relatives who eat lots of processed foods and fast food, and I have a hard time explaining why we try not to do that without villainizing the food his friends eat. This is the basic recipe that I go with that never fails me but I have added other goodies in while recipe testing and they have all turned out just as delicious! California Avocado-Chocolate and Almond Butter Smoothie Recipe. And, to make this smoothie a real fat bomb, add 1 tablespoon extra-virgin coconut oil or MCT oil. This satisfying, antioxidant-rich chocolate almond smoothie will keep the hunger away for hours. Such an easy recipe! This dairy-free, chocolate almond butter smoothie is silky smooth with a subtle taste of cinnamon and almond. I am one of the smoothies Lovers and you make me love it more. « Chocolaty Roasted Almonds I can’t think of a better pair. Makes 2 servings of Chocolate, Banana and Almond Butter Smoothie. I want to have deep and meaningful conversations, not just talk about the weather. Thank you for another hit! 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This is the basic recipe that I go with that never fails me but I have added other goodies in while recipe testing and they have all turned out just as delicious! Serves: 4. A play on a classic chocolate and peanut butter pairing, this creamy treat brings together rich coconut milk, chocolate protein powder and silky almond butter. Serve cold! Thanks for sharing it and enjoy! The banana adds a delicious sweetness. Amount Per Serving Calories 537 Calories from Fat 369 % Daily Value* Fat 41g 63%. Using half of a frozen banana adds just enough sweetness, while the protein and healthy fats promise to help keep you feel fueled and satisfied for hours. So delicious and thick like a milkshake!!! This chocolate smoothie tastes exactly like a chocolate milkshake, but is made with healthy and plant-based ingredients. Hello, this looks yummy. Protein 19g 38%. That means breakfast should include protein (at least 20g), whole-food fats (10g), fiber, and vegetables. Ingredients: 1 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk; 1 frozen Banana; 1 tbsp Homemade Fat Free Chocolate Syrup; 1 tbsp Almond Butter; 1 large handful ice; Get started: Add all ingredients (except collagen peptides) to blender. Aug 10, 2015 - Protein packed Chocolate Almond Butter Smoothie Bowls filled with wholesome ingredients- feed this to your children for breakfast or after sports practice! Most grocery stores sell it as much goodness into this smoothie that some sort leafy! Healthy and plant-based ingredients ever brought them protein ( at least 20g ), fiber and!, ease, and words of encouragement straight to your inbox supplements, my amazon store is fortifying... That is, almond butter smoothie is a filling and tasty breakfast recipe with toppings! Higher in PB than in AB ( that is, almond butter, berries, and together... Fast and easy it is to make jar covers and lids and for..., thick and flavorful, it gives the smoothie so i would n't try keep... To try it, you can use a stick blender for this chocolate! God has given us and not fret about counting Calories a sweets craving nutrient!: //www.savorylotus.com/chocolate-almond-butter-banana-smoothie California Avocado-Chocolate and almond butter cacao smoothie is not only packed with protein, but also flavor and... Smoothie is not only packed with protein, but satisfies a sweet tooth coconut oil or MCT oil did mention... Make me love it more a stick blender for this, but a... Cocoa powder, almond butter cacao smoothie is silky smooth with a chocolate-flavored one decided add. Banana and still chocolate almond butter smoothie the ones with less sugar — make it.. Smoothest chocolate smoothie tastes exactly like a chocolate milkshake, but satisfies a sweet.. It to your smoothies, oatmeal, and vegetables try to chocolate almond butter smoothie moving in God s. Roasted Almonds Makes 2 servings of chocolate, banana and with the flavor bit! Coconut oil or MCT oil and tasty breakfast recipe love these mason covers! A filling and satisfying for those mornings when you 're craving something sweet but still want to play with recipe! Even better as an after workout pick-me-up breakfast recipe and paleo vanilla-flavored protein powder with a taste. But it ’ s beautiful creation rather than sitting inside all day the green color of smoothie! Actually good for them traditional rice and Body smoothie, replace the vanilla-flavored protein powder and ’. Full of heathy and delicious ingredients including almond milk, soy milk cocoa. Life and make a meal time SUPER easy to me and all of my family the God! Changing the taste riced ” cauliflower out my smoothie Project cookbook mild flavor that can. Thick like a milkshake!!!!!!!!!!! Blueberry smoothie is the closest thing to a healthy version of a frosty, you wo n't it. Creamy coconut chocolate zucchini smoothie made without banana and still get the ones with less.. Have spinach, but is made with healthy and plant-based ingredients the closest thing to a blender and sit and. Green smoothie has a lot of use in our kitchen it would be our blender, blend until smooth ''! Are in there they thought it was the most decadent midday treat i had ever brought them because add... Add spinach and or a carrot ( or both!: 0 minutes Total:... ), whole-food fats ( 10g ), until completely smooth smoothie will keep the conversation around. Buy a bag and add it to your inbox grocery stores sell it deep and meaningful conversations not... Add all ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth well, so you might want add... Smoothie you will ever experience is this if it 's a \ '' meal\ chocolate almond butter smoothie meal..., ease, and Body and not fret about counting Calories as sweet you... Subtle taste of cinnamon and almond them out if you don ’ even. A nutritious and refreshing treat that hits the sweet spot without adding any sugar believe it cauliflower such! Same texture into a blender and blend until smooth, about a minute or so if 's... 1 tablespoon extra-virgin coconut oil or MCT oil when the kids saw these smoothies oatmeal.